PAL Television

 What Is PAL TV ? DVD Video Symbol With PAL Format VHS PAL DVD PAL Most of us are used to seeing VHS PAL and DVD PAL labels on VHS cassettes or DVDs, but what does PAL  mean? It stands for Phase Alternating Line and is a technical term indicating the colour system that is used which applies to analogue Television signals. Back in the 1950s when black and white TV was king, RCA of America developed a colour Cathode Ray Tube which meant colour TV was on it's way! Colour TVs would be very expensive to begin with and so millions would still be watching black and white for a while until mass production brought prices down. So how do you send the colour signal to the privileged few who could afford colour without effecting those who had black and white? Luminance and Chroma The black and white TV signal is also called the Luminance signal and is used to drive the CRT in varying intensity depending on the picture. You would need to keep this signal so that those with black and white TVs

The Year 2019

 If you look at the year 2019, backwards it's 9102. Now if you take away the 0 and 2, you are left with 91. This doesn't mean anything, but thanks for reading.

The Sound of Music

 The remake of The Sound of Music is going to be set in Liverpool. The name of the family will be changed slightly to Shut Your Von Trap !

Diarrhoea Awareness


Elton John Racket Man.

                                                              Elton John at Wimbledon

Cilla Black And Friends

        Surprise Surprise. Cilla Black And The Beatles. With a Little Help from Their Friends. The Beatles statues, Dickie Lewis,Cilla Black,Ken Dodd, Eleanor Rigby and others burst into song across the City.  It seems that they have a message for us when they start singing 'Eve of Destruction' by Barry McGuire. Follow along as the statues come to life across various locations in Liverpool. Of all the statues in this video, which is the odd one out? Home  X Factor 2010

How Big is Your Nose?

 The distance between the tip of your thumb and the tip of your forefinger is equal to the length of your nose. Try it !      Unless you are Pinocchio, where it gets a little complicated.