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I am often asked “what is the best make?”  The answer years ago would have been the well known Japanese makes along with Philips and Ferguson. Nowadays,because of competition,quality aint what it used to be. Many of the top names don’t even make their own TVs anymore.Most TVs are made by a company called Vestel,which is based in Turkey. Almost all of the cheap TV’s in supermarkets with obscure names are made by Vestel.I have seen the likes of Toshiba,JVC and Grundig with the same Vestel panels i n them as the cheaper brands,so people have paid extra for the name.All of these TV’s,even the top brands, have one thing in common,and that is the screens are made by either Samsung or LG.

There is no one make I can say that is most reliable. I’ve had disappointed customers with Sony,Panasonic and Philips TV’s that have gone faulty after 18 months or even a year,just out of warranty.

I  have a Samsung,which is the market leader. Parts are relatively easy to get hold of and so have a better chance of getting it repaired. Panasonic and Sony are also on my list,but spares are more difficult to obtain,making repairs expensive,if not impossible if you can’t get the parts.You may hear of more people having problems with Samsung,but that is because more people have a Samsung and so the ratio will be higher.It is not an indication that they are less reliable.

What about the latest curved TVs?  Consider - Manufacturers want to sell TVs and so are constantly bringing out new gimmicks to entice people to part with their money.It’s a novelty that will wear off.This is what happened with 3D.Most people I know who have a 3D TV don’t watch it.Even  the BBC stopped trials in 3D because of poor uptake.So before you get drawn in by the hype,Why not wait a while until prices come down a bit more. Getting that TV fixed could save you £££s in the long run.

If you are buying a New TV from Currys,John Lewis,Asda,Argos, Tesco’s,or whoever,I can deliver and install it for you.The cost is £40.00,much cheaper than what Currys and JL charge -and they use sub-contractors anyway.

Don’t forget a Screen Protector for your new TV.