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I wish I had a pound for everyone who has rang asking if a broken LCD TV screen can be repaired.The usual story is that the little one has thrown something at it or bashed it with Buzz Lightyear or some other object.If that has happened to you,you’re not alone and happens to lots of TV’s every day.

The answer is - it can’t be fixed! Just as when a pane of glass is cracked,the whole piece has to be replaced - so the whole screen would have to be replaced.You have more chance of finding hen’s teeth than a replacement screen, and then the cost of replacement and fitting would be more than the TV is worth(the screen makes up about 85% of the total cost of the TV)- so basically,it’s a write off.

It may be a bit late if it’s happened to you,but the best thing is Prevention.You need a Screen Protector. These  may seem  expensive at first,but look upon it as a one-off insurance payment that will last the life of the TV,and can be used again on another set. These are optical grade acrylic panels that cover the screen and are hardly noticable.They do not compromise picture quality whatsoever. So the little ones can throw and bash all they like,The TV will survive the pounding -and so will your wallet!

We have teamed up with The Screen Protector,a UK based company that manufacture their own Protectors. I have done the research and these are the best!They are also a doddle to fit. Get your Protector HERE

When you get to the checkout enter this code -   AW-TEN   for a 10% discount on the web price. They also ship worldwide,so you can use this code wherever you are.

It’s not just children that can cause damage.One lady “elbowed” the screen while mopping the floor,and playing console games can be a hazard,particularly Wii handsets flying out the hand and hitting the screen.

It may be worth checking to see if you are covered by your insurance for accidental damage.

We can provide an assessment and report required by insurance for £30.00

Can A Broken LCD TV Screen BE REPAIRED? TV screen damaged with remote control broken LCD TV screen