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Early 80s - Started working for Colourvision at Smithdown Road (remember them?)There were three television shops near the corner of Nicander road - Colourvision, Kolortron and Crazy Eddy’s(no-one by the name of Eddy there,but a few crazy's.)It looked like they were in competition with each other,but all owned by Colourvision.

1984 - Went freelance,looking after service for some colourvision franchises as well as building my own customer base repairing televisions and Video Recorders.

1984 - Formed Carefree TV along with another exe employee of Colourvision.This was mainly a slot TV rental  business.

1986 - Moved into premises in Eaton Road,West Derby,adding TV sales to the business.

1987 - Carefree TV moves to County Road,Walton ( opposite Walton church) benefiting from a busy shopping area.

1994 - Started Anfield and Walton TV to re-establish my own customers and concentrate on the local area.(It was also helpful having a name beginning with “A” as this gave first listing In directories.)

The 90s - Started repairing satellite receivers for various independents as well as repairs for some rental companies that were left.

Naughties-Now - Became service contractor for Hyundai (they were one of the first companies to bring out 42” Plasma TVs,and sold many early - mid 2000s.

Also carried out installations of  Audio - Visual equipment for Currys and John Lewis

Still going,and still have many loyal customers from  the 80s and many more added over the years!


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35 Years Servicing and Installing  Electronic  equipment ! Diagnosing faulty plasma TV